New Stahlschlag Album "Anthology" Features C/A/T Remix


My first remix in almost a decade is out now on Stahlschlag’s Crunch Pod label debut, “Anthology”. Also featured are remixes from Crunch Pod artists Manufactura, Dirty K, and Fabrikmutter.

Pick up “Anthology” by Stahlschlag at Crunch Pod’s Bandcamp page.

Per the label, “Crunch Pod is proud to present "ANTHOLOGY", the new and very special album from the very talented German project known as STAHLSCHLAG. Combining hard pounding rhythmic noise, power noise and harsh industrial songs from over the last 13 years plus several exclusive remixes into one awesome album. From heavy club killers, to crushing stomping beats, and exquisitely designed distortion, STAHLSCHLAG delivers on every single track. Featuring exclusive remixes from C/A/T, DIRTY K, FABRIKMUTTER & MANUFACTURA.

STAHLSCHLAG is the project of producer Sebastian Sünkler, who has developed quite a name overt the last decade for producing powerful rhythmic compositions. With influences of post-industrial genres such as dark electro, techno body music and electro-industrial mixed with with oldschool sound influences and ambient pieces to cover a wide range of dark electronic music.”

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