I Don't Run Crunch Pod Anymore


As many of you who have found this website are aware, I ran the industrial music label, Crunch Pod, from its inception in 1998 until I closed it up in late 2011.

Under the original iteration of Crunch Pod, my deal with the various bands I worked with was that they retained all rights to their music. So, in effect, if the label ever closed, their music didn’t have to fall into that void of “Man, I hope some obscure torrent site archived those albums” that tends to happen when labels go away but owned the rights to the music. That said, if after I closed down the label you had a hard time finding an album by an artist we worked with… well, that is on the artist. They have 100% control of their music and can obviously choose to release it or keep it unavailable.

Between 2011 and 2014, I made an effort to contact the remaining bands we still had the physical product of hanging out in my garage (ie. the back stock of CDs). I made arrangements to get copies of those albums to several of the artists. Other artists were either not interested, never responded, or decided it was prohibitively expensive to deal with shipping a bunch of heavy items across the country – or internationally – as the cases may have been. In Summer 2014, the remaining stock I had was delivered to the Sacramento County Kiefer Landfill. So, if someone ever wants to do a “E.T. / Atari 2600” archeological dig to find the Crunch Pod CD back stock… well, that’s where it has all been buried. Good luck!

You may have noticed that in between the 2011 closure and 2014 that the Crunch Pod Bandcamp page still had albums by Manufactura, Broken Fabiola, and my personal projects C/A/T & Captive Six. I eventually migrated the C/A/T and Captive Six albums over to a Bandcamp site of my own. There was a brief period those albums became unavailable on Bandcamp due to the issues Bandcamp was having with how VAT charges were going to be levied. Once that issue was addressed, I uploaded the entirety (give or take) of my music back catalog to: https://benarpmusic.bandcamp.com/. Barring the occasional “death hoax” that seems to spring up every 8 months or so and creates a rush on the free downloads – you should be able to obtain the vast majority of my music there for free until Bandcamp stops being a thing.

So, back to Crunch Pod. Not long after I made arrangements to get Karloz.M from Manufactura the vast majority of his remaining CD stock in 2014, he expressed interest in keeping his releases on the Bandcamp page – and – restarting Crunch Pod to continue to release new music. I agreed. It was really that simple. I had no interest in doing it myself, but far be it from me to be a road block for a creative and driven individual to keep the ‘Crunch Pod’ name alive.

I turned over the Bandcamp page to him, he started up a Facebook page for the label, and started plotting the upcoming releases. The rest, as they say, is… well… history, but here are some random facts I’ll throw out there just because:

– I’m writing this blog post in the hopes that SEO and Google indexing help clarify the mass amount of confusion over who runs Crunch Pod in 2016/2017/etc. I HAVE LITERALLY ZERO TO DO WITH CRUNCH POD NOW. I have no say in what they release, what they charge or don’t charge for releases, who they sign, etc. It’s entirely Karloz’s deal until he says otherwise.

– If you never really liked me for whatever reason… well, you can support away now because I have nothing to do with this “Crunch Pod version 2.0”.

– I’m still very much retired from music production.

– Yes, there are copies of the Big Tex CD buried in the landfill.

So, that is that. If you’re intrigued by the new Crunch Pod, check them out at Facebook and Bandcamp.

crunch podBen Arp