C/A/T to Perform at Das Bunker's 21st Anniversary


Well, “never say never”… right? I’ll get into why I’m back in the music producing game in a later post. But the point today is to announce that I’ll be performing a C/A/T set as part of Das Bunker‘s 21st Anniversary festival in Los Angeles this October. It’s a three-day event and C/A/T will be on day 2, October 7th. This will be the first C/A/T performance since the 2011 edition of the UK’s Resistanz Festival. Also, the first North American C/A/T show since 2010. Yeah, it’s been a while.

Das Bunker has a Facebook event set up with the entire line-up for the three day festival here. Also, you can purchase tickets for DB 21 at Ticketfly right now!

Now, I don’t exactly plan on playing a ton of shows from here on out. And I’ll definitely never “tour” again – that much IS a certainty. So, if you’ve always wanted to check C/A/T out, DB 21 would be a great time to do so. This early in the game, the set is shaping up to be a more classic “power noise”-era C/A/T set – with some other surprises thrown in. Of course, if time permits, I’d love to debut some of the new material in October as well.

When I quietly restarted C/A/T a few months ago, I had zero intentions of playing live again. However, Das Bunker has traditionally been one of my favorite places to play AND getting the offer to play with such a great lineup was something I definitely could not pass up.

I should probably add that I will not have merch for sale at DB 21. I got rid of the remaining physical product I had about 5 years ago. If you’re looking to support my new productions somehow, I have a ton of music available for purchase on my Bandcamp page.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to dropping a set in October in L.A. and hopefully I’ll see you there!