C/A/T 2017 FAQ


The performance at Das Bunker’s 21st Anniversary event prompted many questions about what I’m up to now as C/A/T. I talked to a few people before and after the performance at Bunker, but obviously as releases start coming and word gets out there will be questions from those who did not attend that event. This post is going to attempt to explain things as best as possible.

Q: Was the Das Bunker performance a one-off thing or are you back full-time?

A: Das Bunker was not a one-off. Granted, I have no shows booked at the moment and am definitely not intending to play live often – fingers crossed DB21 won’t be the final show. I’m back “full-time” in the sense that I’m producing music as C/A/T again. As of this writing I’ve already finished a track for a compilation and have begun work on the “comeback” EP (maybe it’ll be longer than an EP, but I’m gunning for an EP right now).

Q: What will the new material sound like? What era of C/A/T will it be most like?

A: Instrumental beat driven music. I had a general idea of how I wanted new C/A/T to sound back in 2014 when I closed up shop. I’m planning on continuing along those lines. Of course, I had to completely recreate my studio environment since then as gear was sold and computers died. It will be different as I’m using a bunch of new stuff now. The closest thing I can equate to what I’m working on to is “Justice” from the “Justice” single I put out in 2014.

Q: Why was the DB21 set mostly old instrumental tracks?

A: I had short notice to put a set together for the gig. Since I have no interest in doing vocals or “terror EBM” music now, it made the most sense to run with an instrumental “power noise” set for the DB21 event. Even still, I spent a lot of the prep time going through many external hard drives pulling together backing tracks from 12+ years ago and converting samples to work with modern software. The next time I perform live it will be very different from the DB21 show.

Q: What about your Corvx de Timor project?

A: It’s dormant. I feel the arc that project took was good and I’m still really happy with the entirety of the project. I have no plans to release any new music as Corvx de Timor; but maybe someday.

Q: What about [insert any number of side projects I’ve had over the years]?

A: No side projects. I’m 100% focused on C/A/T from here on out as far as music goes.

Q: Are you still running Crunch Pod? Will you release your new music on Crunch Pod?

A: No, I don’t still run Crunch Pod. My new music will be self-released on my Bandcamp page and via the usual Apple Music / iTunes / Spotify / etc. digital shops.

Q: What did you do during your time away from music?

A: I wrote. Most of the sites I contributed to died in the wake of the 2016 U.S. Election. I do still write about pro wrestling on a site I founded a few years ago called Turn Heel.

Q: Where is the C/A/T social media?

A: I’m using the name “catwithslashes” wherever possible. I have FacebookInstagram, and Twitter – though I’m most active on Twitter as Facebook has throttled the page to the point it barely exists.

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