C/A/T Signs to Crunch Pod Label


I know, weird, right? Especially since “I Don’t Run Crunch Pod Anymore”.

2019 has been a year of “rebirth” and “starting over from scratch”. I’d wanted to kickstart my foray back into music right after the Oct. 2017 show at Das Bunker. Life had other plans. I went through Hell in my personal life 2018, but somehow still managed to get both “Complex Client” and “Graver Consequences” released. But, now with things in my life finally stable, I want 2019 (and 2020, and 2021, etc.) to be more focused on my music.

The artists on the current incarnation of Crunch Pod have been incredibly supportive of me ever since I started back into the music game. It seemed like the right time to align myself with friends and colleagues for the next chapter in C/A/T.

So, I’m sure there are some questions. No, I don’t have any ownership stake in the label and have no input in the management side of things. Likewise, I’m the wrong person to contact if you’re looking to release something on Crunch Pod. It is not my call. I’m just another artist on the label as far as that is concerned.

The plan is to release something in June/July of 2019… not sure if it will be a EP or an album. I have a bunch of tracks in production and it remains to be seen what makes the final cut. Additionally, I still intend to release music via my personal Bandcamp, so if you’ve followed me there, expect some direct releases in addition to releases through Crunch Pod.

Lastly, I’m opening up my live performance booking schedule (for both C/A/T and Corvx de Timor) from June 2019 onward. If you’re an interested booker or promoter please contact me via email (benarpmusic at gmail dot com) or via DM on social media. If you want to see me play in your town let your local promoter, etc. know. I’m still looking to drop my first set of new C/A/T material in over a decade!