C/A/T Appears on New Crunch Pod Label Compilation – Various: The Future Of Dreaming Vo. 2

Various: The Future Of Dreaming Vo. 2 - Crunch Pod

I’ve dropped a new track by way of the new Crunch Pod label sampler “The Future Of Dreaming Vo. 2”. My track as C/A/T, “Resistance”, is exclusive to this compilation – making it a Bandcamp exclusive track as I’ll not be releasing it via Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

I encourage you to pick up this “pay what you want” compilation at the Crunch Pod label Bandcamp site as it’s loaded with tracks from electronic artists both known and obscure.

If that’s not enough to get you on board, here’s the promotional push from the label:

Crunch Pod & Auricle Media proudly presents “THE FUTURE OF DREAMING Vo.2”, a free music compilation featuring a varied collection of over 4 hours of music with 47 handpicked unreleased, rare and exclusive highlights from some of the most innovative, genre bending electronic, IDM, experimental, ambient, DnB, power electronics, rhythmic noise, EBM, dark wave, techno and industrial artists from around the world.

“THE FUTURE OF DREAMING Vo. 2” was put together in order to showcase the state of the art of the ever evolving electronic musical landscapes. This special compilation was arranged with care to achieve a great balance of talents by the likes of well established acts and up and coming artists, doing what they do best by pushing the envelope, testing the limits and breaking the boundaries of genres and styles. We hope that by presenting this release with such varied sounds and elements, which invoke a multitude of emotions, that it will envelop listeners with plenty of inspiration.

Huge thanks and love to all the artists participating on this compilation and to all the fans and supporters of crunch pod for helping to make this happen.