Welcome to the official website of music producer and writer, Ben Arp.

How you possibly know me:

Crunch Pod: I founded the Crunch Pod label in 1998. I ran the label from ’98 until it’s closure in late 2011. In 2014, I transferred ownership of the label to Karloz.M of Manufactura. I currently have nothing to do with the management and distribution of that label so all inquiries should be directed to the label’s various methods of contact.

C/A/T: C/A/T is my main project and was started in 1998. The project began as an experimental electronic “noise” thing, but gradually morphed into a dark EBM project in 2009 or so. I put the project on hiatus in 2011 and briefly brought it back in early 2014. After taking nearly three years off from music production, I returned with a “classic power noise” live set in the Noise Room at the Das Bunker “DB21” 21st Anniversary festival in October 2017. C/A/T remains my only active project and I’m once again producing new music under this name – with a more traditional power noise / dark techno sound.

Corvx de Timor / C/∆/T: Corvx de Timor (originally known as “C/∆/T”) was a post-witchhouse project I wrote music as from 2012 until mid-2014. I released a pair of albums on the Phantasma Disques label and a host of self-released singles, EPs and album collections on my Bandcamp.

Captive Six / Ben Arp / Coverage: Captive Six was an instrumental electronic project that released some EPs on the Crunch Pod label. Captive Six is a retired project. I also released some downtempo electronic music under my given name in 2011 – 2012. Lastly, another side project I was involved in was called Coverage. I released a few tracks here and there in 1999 and 2000. Coverage is now a retired project.

Turn Heel: I founded Turn Heel in 2015 as a site as outlet for my writing – specifically about pro wrestling. I still write there a few times a week, but as of 2018 I am mainly focusing my efforts on WWE’s NXT developmental brand.